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catiasolidworks: Marine Disel Engine

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Take diesel-engine technology, throw in a two-stroke cycle, and you've got the basis for the huge engines found in trains and big ships. Learn about the diesel two-stroke engine!

How Diesel Two-Stroke Engines Work

The diesel two-stroke cycle is capable of producing twice as much power as a four-stroke engine. Find out why the diesel two-stroke cycle is so powerful.

MTU Detroit Diesel is the sole manufacturer of new Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle engines such as the 6V-53 above. Description from I searched for this on

New 2 Stroke Diesel Engine Features A Supercharger And Turbocharger - Diesel Army

300 ton crankshaft from the most powerful and largest diesel engine in the world.

300 ton crankshaft from the most powerful and largest diesel engine in the world.The Wärtsilä-Sulzer two-stroke diesel straight cylinders, engine speed revolutions per minute, Horsepower=

An old three-cylinder diesel Fairbanks-Morse engine used for one of the first diesel trains in Alaska.

A Fairbanks-Morse diesel engine with a Woodward Governor Company type IC governor.

5.9 Cummins Turbo Diesel In Depth

Cummins diesel engine~Seen a lot of these! Dad left Cummins Diesel after several years to open his own shop: repairing and manufacturing parts for diesel engines. One of his designs was one of the first turbos~!

4BT (3.9 liter) Cummins diesel engine

Cummins Jeep Wrangler Diesel Conversion Unrelenting, Powerful, Effective There’s no such thing as too much torque…

9 Common Problems With 7.3 Power Stroke Diesel Engines, And How You Can Fix Them #Diesel  -

The legendary Power Stoke Diesel engine, when properly maintained can provide years of trouble free service. However there are several common problems that can develop over time. Generally speaking these can all be resolved