With features such as the dual-way security and touchscreen based control system. the Samsung SHS-2920 Digital #DoorLock will increase your #homesecurity like never before.

Samsung SHS-2920 Digital Door Lock With Keyless Touchpad Security

With features such as the dual-way security and touchscreen based control system. the Samsung Digital Door Lock will increase your home security l

Patio Door Lock we have two sliding doors in our house and going to need these here soon....when we add on a deck!

Patio Doors are manufactured with either the sliding door on the outside or on the inside. Those mounted outside are the most prone to prying and lifting and are the hardest to protect.

Thumbprint scanner door lock Benefits of Using Fingerprint Access Control Door Lock

New Designer Style Motion Sensors and Door Gap Detectors to match with your beautiful home and furniture, reliable intelligent pet…

Smart Security Door Locks

Smart Security Door Locks

Smart Security Door Locks - The 'Altro' Smart Lock Blends Connectivity and Security

4 Amazing Fingerprint Door Locks & Deadbolts | Biometric Home Security Reviews

4 Great Fingerprint Door Locks & Deadbolts Reviewed: Biometric Security

patio door security locks GREAT IDEA!!  Have to have this!

When Christmas rolls around, this easy to set closet lock is going to upset many kids eager to catch a glimpse of their presents and help many moms and dads rest a little bit easier.

A security bar that can withstand over 350 pounds of force.

17 Sneaky Products To Make You Feel A Whole Lot Safer

$369.99 | SAMSUNG Fingerprint Digital Door Lock SHS-5230+Remote, Future Home, Home Security System | FuturisticSHOP.com

Fingerprint Door Lock - This advanced lock only opens the door when both fingerprint identification and a password are used according to the user’s settings, to enhance home security. The product also adopts state of the art Random Security Coding technol

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Latch and Strike Plate for Rolling Barn Door

DIY barn door can be your best option when considering cheap materials for setting up a sliding barn door. DIY barn door requires a DIY barn door hardware and a

Most Secure Front Door Locks

Most Secure Front Door Locks

Arduino door lock with password (Scheduled via TrafficWonker.com)

Arduino Door Lock With Password