Legendary Photographer Dennis Morris on Bob Marley, Johnny Rotten, and Getting Shot

Legendary Photographer Dennis Morris on Bob Marley, Johnny Rotten, and Getting Shot

We sat down with the man who signed the Slits, was in Britain& first black punk band, and took the most famous photograph of Bob Marley in the world.

Love this photo: Sharbat Gula (born ca. 1972) is an Afghan woman who was the subject of a famous photograph by journalist Steve McCurry. Gula was living as a refugee in Pakistan during the time of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan when she was photographed. The image was featured on the cover of the June 1985 issue of National Geographic Magazine at a time she was about 12 years old. Gula was known throughout the world simply as "the Afghan Girl" until she was identified in early 2002.

40 Of The Most Powerful Photographs Ever Taken

Henri Cartier-Bresson - Painting the Eiffel Tower, 1953 - Howard Greenberg Gallery -- china.org.cn

Marc Riboud : Le Peintre de la Tour Eiffel / The Painter of the Eiffel Tower - Paris, 1953

Here is a photo by famous photographer Henri Cartier Bresson, he is a documentary style photographer that shoots only in black and white. I really like this photo and have chosen it as research because it shows not only architecture with the nice lines and shapes in the stairs, it also shows a bike which adds something to the photo and gives a sense of something going on.

Cartier-Bresson: A master's black-and-white world

Henri Cartier-Bresson Hyères, France, 1932 11 x 14 Silver Gelatin Photograph 16 x 20 Silver Gelatin Photograph

I like how the photos have been blended as part of experimentation with photomontage, I also like how black and white is used as this shows tone and creates an atmosphere.

What Famous Photographer Am I?

10 Lessons William Klein Has Taught Me About Street Photography - Eric Kim Street Photography

© William Klein William Klein is one of my favorite street photographers of all time. I think one of the things that I love most about him is his "I don't give a fuck" attitude

Alfred Eisenstaedt - probably my all-time favorite photographer

Alfred Eisenstaedt (December August was a German-American photographer and photojournalist. He is renowned for his candid photographs, frequently made using various models of a Leica rangefinder camera.

dorothea lange famous photographs - Google Search

Florence Thompson with two of her seven children in a California migrant camp Dorothea Lange -- Library of Congress