another damn cookie.seriously you fat nasty piggish whore.put it down and back away slowly.

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18 E-Cards To Break Up Your Afternoon Stretch

Funny E-Cards That Tell It Like It Is (37 pics) - Izismile.com

This shit pisses me off! Texting and being on the phone is supposed to keep you connected but IM HERE AND RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! How does whoever is texting you deserve your time more than me? I have a friend that does this ALL the time!

Funny E-Cards That Tell It Like It Is (37 pics) - Izismile.com

It's true. I don't have to be so sarcastic. But the world has given me so much material to work with and I wouldn't want to be wasteful. Being wasteful is irresponsible.

Funny E-Cards That Tell It Like It Is

Sounds like how I go to sleep sometimes. Only kids count sheep to fall asleep. Count your debts, your mistakes, your heartache and cry yourself to sleep like a grownup!

Just Plain Dumb!

Just Plain Dumb!

People get SO angry, don't try to argue blubber at me because I pointed out you're stupid. Deal with it.

The first five days after the weekend are always the hardest.

17 E-Cards That Perfectly Sum Up Your Feelings About Your Job