drinking the guys under the table...that would so be lindsay and cory lol.

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Why take Funny Wedding Photos? Why not document that special day with something so funny and creative? These funny wedding photos will never get tiresome.

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16 of the best not-so-posed wedding photos

"My husband and his groomsmen :)" - Tiffany Barnett Kinsey

23 Wonderfully Hilarious Real Wedding Photos

"My husband and his groomsmen :)" - Tiffany Barnett Kinsey from Funny Wedding Photos This has to be the most disgusting wedding pic I have seen.

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wedding photography:When people think bridal party, they think bridesmaids, but let’s not forget the most adorable member, the flower girl. Be sure to snap a picture of you and the little sweetie on your special day.

18 Times Groomsmen Elevated The Wedding Photo Game

18 Times Groomsmen Elevated The Wedding Photo Game

Funny Photos of the Bride and Groom | Wedding Inspiration

22 Funny Bride and Groom Wedding Photos

Groom and Bride holding childhood photos of themselves makes for an adorable picture!

So in love with this wedding photo... theres tons more in this awesome @WeddingMix article!

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When your best friend gets married, you aren't losing a bro - you're gaining a broife (bro wife). Apparently, no one told Mitch, the best man, whose wedding photos are going viral.

Newlyweds Kody and Brittney Frysinger took hilarious "third wheel" engagement and wedding photos with their best man Mitch Jolliff and the photos have now gone viral.