Generative Illustrations of the Human Form by Janusz Jurek

culturenlifestyle: “ Generative Artwork by Janusz Jurek Polish designer and illustration Janusz Jurek explores the different shapes of generative illustration through the human body. Generative art is.

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artchipel: “ Christoph Bader (Germany) - wired uk 0513 0711 Processes that produce shapes are a central theme of Christoph Bader’s work: “To me this is a switch from a product oriented thinking to a.

Beautiful Stuff (with source code). My inner geek and inner artist meet and embrace.   Generative Art (

Summary Generative Art presents both the technique and the beauty of algorithmic art. The book includes high-quality examples of generative art, along with the specific programmatic steps author and a

ANF VOID generative art print

Generative Art by Andreas Nicolas Fischer Andreas Nicolas Fischer was born in Munich, Germany in and is a graduate of Joachim Sauter’s class at the University of the Arts Berlin.

We’re enamored with Paolo Čerić’s digital illustrations. He works primarily in Processing (an open source software program that allows people to...

Generative Art Takes on Classic Figure Drawing

The top 20 graphic design trends for 2012. Generative type

The top 20 graphic design trends of 2012

Typography by Craig Ward Fantastic work by New York-based designer Craig Ward, who sees himself as a “typographic illustrator”.

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inspirational patterns that can be interpreted by sicis, the art mosaic factory and be created into a custom mosaic