Geometric birds (Procreate-iPad Pro) by Samy Halim

These look like the perfect complementing art for a midcentury modern interior -Geometric birds (Procreate-iPad Pro) by Samy Halim

MASSIVE GEOMETRY BUNDLE by kloroform on @creativemarket

Discover thousands of images about "I created this PDF guide and short video to go over a few Sacred Geometry symbols, their names and meanings -- learn more and how to create your own Sacred Geometry artwork (click the image to watch)"

Futurism — Simon C PaGLOBAL let's think of new whirly gigs that can be created to extend our range similar to the messy one we have just done for the new fund launch and this one

Futurism - Simon C. Page / Simon Page / Simon C Page / Page / SC Page / S. Page / simoncpage / simonpage - poster - graphic design - poster - graphic design

Copper Kettle Premium Beer by Sarena van Dodewaard, Canada.

Copper Kettle Premium Beer

Copper Kettle Premium Beer by Sarena van Dodewaard, Canada / Packaging / Design

Pattern Fe Wall Unit by Fumie Shibata The collection includes a series of flat, wall hung geometric grids and a series of cubes that can be stacked and alternatively used with cushions to make seating.

We are so full of ourselves crawling through life with eyes and hearts closed tight that even if we are presented with the magnificence of The Cabbage we are blind. Sacrilegious fools!!!

Nature Fractals Are Amazing

Pattern within cabbages (Cabbages & Kings~ :) ) ~ would be interesting to see if it could be used as a stamp ~ hmmm,,, ~Cabbage-geometry-pattern-vegetable

This shows pattern because of repeating color, shape, and line. This is an example of geometric pattern.

Recently we have noticed many designers who use geometric patterns, shapes, and styles . By using these shapes, the designs become a simple but stil.