The Viñales valley is encircled by mountains and its landscape is interspersed with dramatic rocky outcrops. (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Namib Sand Sea (Namibia) is the only coastal desert in the world that includes extensive dune fields influenced by fog.

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Alaska - There are fifteen tidewater glaciers in the park. Glaciers descending from high snow capped mountains into the bay create spectacular displays of ice and iceberg formation.

Principaux sites depuis la route circulaire en Islande

Qasr al-Farid, le tombeau solitaire taillé dans la roche au milieu du désert saoudien

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100 Most Beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Below are some of the best UNESCO world heritage sites around the world. There are currently over 1000 sites listed …

What Can You See with One Day in Cologne, Germany?

Open any guide to Cologne in Germany, and no doubt the Dom will be the first thing it mentions. “No other Cathedral is so perfectly conceived, so uniformly and uncompromisingly executed in all its parts,” UNESCO writes. Thus did this world heritage site become the highlight of most Cologne tours. But I'm not sure it was the highlight of our day in Cologne. Click through to find out how to spend a day in Cologne, Germany - there's more to it than just the Dom. | As We Saw It #cologne #germany

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Being dubbed a UNESCO World Heritage Site signifies a certain magnitude of importance to a local culture and destination.… The post 100 of the Most Beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites to discover ap

Natural wonders in the UK

Co Antrim's Giant’s Causeway is a true world wonder Made up of black basalt columns jutting from the sea on Northern Ireland's Antrim plateau, the site, featured in many local legends, has been studied extensively by geologists. Formed through volc

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The Complete Guide To Climbing Sri Lanka's UNESCO World Heritage Site Of Sigiriya - Lion Rock (14)

Rocamadour, France is classed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO as part of the St James’ Way pilgrimage route. For centuries it has attracted pilgrims from every country, among them kings, bishops, and nobles. Rocamadour by Stefan Jo Fuchs