Just a paper birch that I made for Long Island, thought it warranted posting.

LEGO Tree House by Cesbrick

Check out these beautiful LEGO tree houses built by LEGO fans, and also tree houses in official LEGO sets. Get inspired to build your own LEGO treehouse!

Lego Birch Tree (wow they used stud shooters to het those angles, how clever)

Finally found a use for those new white blaster shooters. With a combination of white round plates with a hole in the middle (to prevent accidental delimbing of the tree), they make for a decent birch/aspen tree.

LEGO Cherry Blossom Trees

Hi, Here is my cherry blossom tree built mostly with flower pieces. The main technique is to keep the flower petals on their sprues, connected my stem piece.

LEGO - The Ringwraiths’ hunt for Hobbits, by Xenomurphy. I love Lego sets with cliffs and elevation change!

An epic LEGO recreation of the Ringwraiths' hunt for Hobbits

The Hobbits hide as a Ringwraith treads on the adjacent path. Chilling scene from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring beautifully rendered in Lego! Look at that tree!

large lego tree chestnut

Large Chestnut tree with swing :: My LEGO creations. A large green summer chestnut tree.


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