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Sing or Dare: "Sing" cards like "sing [the song] while marching the beat" or "sing the song, but buzz all the words 'the'."  "Dare" cards like "Name everyone in the room" or "Hug the teacher."  (I think I might change the dares to musical things like "sightread a simple song" or "play the melody on the xylophone.")
"What Note Am I" Icebreaker game: According to piano teacher Joy Morin, students try to figure out what note, value, or rhythm they are by asking questions such as, "Do I have a stem?", "Is my note head filled in?", "Am I worth two beats?", etc.
Non-Elimination Musical Chairs. Cool twist on a classic.
Sound Song | A great way for K-1 students to begin composing their own music - Compose with icons - Students will be thrilled to hear their piece performed by the whole class.
Musical Yahtzee game. Looks like a lot of fun to do with a music class.
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Fun music game for kids!  Learn about geography & songs from around the world with this musical game w/free printable!

Musical Games for Kids: Songs from Around the World

Classroom Games and Activities for General Music | National Association for Music Education (NAfME)
Fun Music Lesson, Music Game for Spring time for Elementary Music Teachers.
Music Truth or Dare Playing Cards. Organized Chaos. These are perfect for reviewing and practicing music skills and concepts in a fun way! Would work as a full class or center activity. Comes with a variety of concepts and skills to cover different grade levels, plus blank versions you can write or type on to make your own.

Music Truth or Dare Cards