Yes baby you're not alone

Oh my gods V. I just finishes sevens route and I'm doing the first secret ending. Gods I wanna cry when I think about V now. Honey bun you don't deserve this

Mystic Messenger - V

This is actually really pretty, since he's a photographer and his photographs are supposed to be extremely beautiful and he's taking a picture of the person looking at him. Well done, artist ;

I told you V's innocent and you know who you are

I’m actually wondering if they’ll ever make Adrien be the one that sparks negative emotions in someone that later becomes akumatized. We’ve been seeing a lot of Marinette/Ladybug doing it, so why not him?

707 Not Found

WARNING: SLIGHT SPOILERS FOR THE GAME! ) ohhhh boy I made one of these idk if it’s good but i hope you guys like it!

He looked handsome either way

He looked handsome either way<<< I agree but V did puberty well!