Holiday Party Decor Idea (Also music room décor) Buy a set of net lights made for bushes and such, so ye don't have to go up and down the wall a bunch of times with a regular strand.

Starry Starry String Lights : Year Round Home Decor

string light wall-could do down the hallway - this will be PERFECT for my new apartment!

Molly & Chad

Such a pretty look for an outdoor party. Could use Christmas "net" lights.the kind you put over bushes? v t1.0-9 28872089_10155126703861087_3267906385631779716_n.jpg?oh=54c91a615dd3d6df2339cc76dea3bdb0&oe=5B48EC15 v t1.0-9 28872089_10155126703861087_3267906385631779716_n.jpg?oh=54c91a615dd3d6df2339cc76dea3bdb0&oe=5B48EC15

for $21.99.  Easy to use Net Lights with White Frost Mini bulbs on a 4' x 8' net on a White wire. LED net lights and trunk wraps give outdoor Christmas lights a professoinal look. Price: $21.99

4' x 8' Net Lights - 200 White Frost Lamps - White Wire

Christmas Net Lights - x Net Lights - 200 White Frost Lamps - White Wire - Christmas Lights, Etc

We try to keep the space stocked with fresh croissants all the time, naturally.

A New Home for Homepolish Headquarters New York

My orange mixer would look SO good in this navy kitchen! Chow Down - Homepolish's New Space Takes Offices To The Next Level - Photos

16.00 SALE PRICE! This blanket of twinkling light will provide your front or back yard with holiday cheer. The White Net Lights are the perfect accessory for...

Net Lights 150 Bulb String Light 4x6 White Cord

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