November Bulletin Board Ideas

There are varieties of November bulletin board ideas which can be employed for preschools, elementary schools, or even high schools.

"Something to Crow About in ____ (teacher's name) Class!" and large student scarecrow projects are great ideas for a Fall bulletin board display.

Something To Crow About! - Fall Bulletin Board Idea

Make these scarecrows for initial /sk/ blends! Print on different colored construction. Write s blends on patches. (Staying Drug Free is something to crow about)

When I first saw Back to the Future in 1985, I distinctly remember the bully Biff saying, "Why don't make like a tree...and get outta here!" I remember this so

Leaves are an essential element to this November bulletin board idea, and they make it easy to turn this classroom tool into a three-dimensional work of art. Use this free bulletin board tree template as a guide.