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Friday Favorites

Picture/Photo Print Size Guide so you know what size to order for your walls!

Clarification about Frame Sizes and Finding Out Mat Size/Image Size

Hi, Quick question - do the dimensions on framed prints refer to the total frame size or just the size of the image inside the frame?

Photography Tips | digital image pixels to print in inches conversions | photo sizes.

Standard photo print sizes -

Trying to convert your digital image pixels into cold, hard, printable inches? Here's the lowdown on standard photo print sizes and how to alter your pics.

Printing? Keep this inch-to-pixel conversion chart handy for quick reference.

Trying to convert those ethereal pixels into cold, hard, printable inches? Wish more people understood that you can't blow up a small pixel size photo and make it look good as an

Print Size Comparisons, Explanations, and Help Choosing a Size for Hanging: Photo Print Sizes Compared

Print Size Comparisons, Explanations, and Hanging Size

Learn more about common photo sizes, format rations, and megapixels. Also find help with choosing a picture size for hanging.

Easy DIY Tutorial – Gallery Wall with Ikea Ribba Frames

Easy DIY Tutorial – Gallery Wall with Ikea Ribba Frames

Would be cool to do something like this on a couple walls to display our Art Lending Collection. Gaps left by pieces on loan could be filled out with library related info in extra frames.

iPhone Prints: How big can you go by Marty Yawnick, lifeinlofi: Click through for a table of recommended maximum print sizes at various resolutions for different iPhone models. #iPhone_Print_Size

You can get good-quality iPhone photo prints from any iDevice. All iPhones have very print-friendly resolutions, especially the new iPhone 5 and devices.

Helpful graphic for selecting sizes for art. From Print Collection

New York Apple

Poster frame DIY stuff: might be better for my place, but good to know.

Making Easy Wood Frames For Large Art Or Posters

Instructions Poster frame DIY stuff: might be better for my place, but good to know.

canvas print sizes guide - Google Search                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Here is an example of what a the same framed print can look like with different matting and framing styles. Prices are for the stated sizes of frames with print mounted and sealed with hanging hardware.

Find the Right Photo Size for Your Room: Photo Print Sizes - Choose a Photo Size to Match Your Room

Illustration of Photo Print Size Comparison

Photo sizes in relation to a couch - no more too small photos - figure out the size you really need

Druckbare Prinzessin PhotoBooth Props von TracyDigitalDesign

Printable PRINCESS PhotoBooth Props, Digital Princess Photo Booth Props, Party Printable, Princess Party Props DIY 0303

Liven up your party pictures with these fun photo booth props! Just Simply Print, Cut, and tape or glue to a skewer stick