All About Safety Razors |

All About Safety Razors

I feel like safety razors are becoming all the rage and I couldn't be happier! I switched over to mine several months ago and I wonder .

The art of the shave ...#DoubleEdgeRazor - NOT for the novice or faint of heart

How to Choose the Right Safety Razor? Finding the Holy Grail

Nothing classy about a razor. Save money as well as the environment buy buying an electric razor. Get razor burn from your electric opt for not shaving or trimming with sheers

How to maintain a safety razor and fix it if rust happens from

How to Maintain a Healthy Safety Razor

How to maintain a safety razor and fix it if rust happens from

10 zero waste, eco friendly stocking stuffers from

10 Zero Waste, Eco Friendly Stocking Stuffers

Merkur Long Handled

What Is The Best Safety Razor – In your quest for the best safety razors, we shall look into the advantages of using a safety razor.

How to use a safety razor and not get cut. Maintain proper blade angle.

How To Use A Safety Razor For A Close Shave And Not Get Cut

A female guide to eco-friendly shaving: How to shave with a double edge safety razor

I have been using the Edwin Jagger Lined Detail Chrome Plated Double Edge (DE) Safety Razor for only two months. Nevertheless, let me tell you that I am definitely not going back to using those plastic disposable razors that I had been using for ages.


An infographic on wet shaving

Men's Basics/Tips: Wet Shaving. Less costly, painful, and skin-irritating for both men and women's shaving.

Zero waste shaving with safety razors from

Zero Waste Shaving: Safety Razors

Baxter of California Double-Edged Safety Razor Shaving Set at #shaving…

The 7 Best Shaving Kits for Men that will change wet shaving game

Double Edge Safety Razor Set includes a Double Edge Safety Razor, a Silver Tip Badger Brush and a stand. The Double Edge Safety Razor provides a comfortable shave while that Silver Tip Badger Brush evenly distributes shave formula.

BEVEL Safety Razor // A brass-weighted double-edge safety razor, designed to cut at skin level

Single-blade safety razor cuts hair close to the skin but not underneath to help prevent razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and razor burn.

Colloquially these razors have names (from left to right): GEM “1912,” GEM Micromatic, Gillette “Flair Tip” Super Speed, Gillette Slim Adjustable, Gillette “Fatboy” Adjustable, Schick Krona, and Schick Injector. Each of these models are known to give great shaves,

Vintage Razor Restoration

This high-end razor will make you dispose of all of your disposables FOREVER!

Try this high-end safety razor and you will never go back to disposables. This solid stainless steel razor will last a lifetime and save you money in the long run. Blades are about 10 cents each.