The lonely - Sherlock by on @deviantART (3 june 2014) //i love this style of shading

Pencil Portrait Mastery - The lonely - Sherlock by Mi-caw-ber. on june //i love this style of shading - Discover The Secrets Of Drawing Realistic Pencil Portraits

Benedict Cumberbatch - Drawn to You

Sherlock / Benedict Cumberbatch with pencils by LazzzyV. the likeness is amazing. not just the face, but the character is visible also.

Sherlock Sketch by feyjane. // Hah, "sketch." I wish my sketches looked like this.

Sherlock Sketch by feyjane." I wish my sketches looked like this.>>>I wish drawings I spend three hours over looked like this.

Great stencil or *greatest* stencil?

Sherlock Holmes Swap Gallery - ORGANIZED CRAFT SWAPS - Sherlock Holmes Swap GalleryHere we are, craft-sleuths!

Leo Valdez. It's a cool sketch. Like, SUPRISE <------his face when izzy carolyn and i walked into chb

Perfect leo fanart whoever did this should get a reward like the biggest art reward in the world

My Sherlock drawing!

My Sherlock drawing!

Sherlock fanart

Portrait zeichnen The lonely - Sherlock by Mi-caw-ber “Broken pieces of A barely breathing story Where there once was love Now there’s only me And the lonely…” Birthday present for my friend Loki Size: Time