Painted Maize Wreath | Thanksgiving Art Projects for Kids | This would make a fun group project.

Thanksgiving Indian Corn Wreath

Fall/Thanksgiving wreath for the kids to make: Indian Corn Wreath. Need: white and green construction paper; yellow, orange, red and brown paper bubble wrap; More info here.

Turkey Time directed drawings for Thanksgiving by Proud to be Primary

Turkey Thanksgiving Directed Drawing

Looking for the perfect arts and craft activity for Thanksgiving? This turkey directed drawing provides teachers with a step-by-step lesson that kids will love! THESE turkeys turn out FANTASTIC!

Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey

Learn how to make this fun candy corn turkey craft for kids! Its an easy and cheap Thanksgiving art project for them to make. - Crafting In Line

Quick lesson for day before thanksgiving Art Projects for Kids: How to Draw A Turkey. Description from I searched for this on

Draw and Paint a Turkey

Art Projects for Kids: Draw A Turkey – Free PDF Tutorial - We have the kids make the feathers have abstract designs

Thanksgiving crafts

7 Fun Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

Gratefulness Rocks for Thanksgiving. Remind kids and students the importance of Thanksgiving with this simple, yet fun learning activity. but make it who is important to you and worth living for/suicide unit

A fun Thanksgiving arts and crafts project for kids that teaches boys and girls how to draw a turkey using easy techniques.

How to Draw & Paint a Turkey