Florence, 1953. Models or, perhaps just two well-dressed women, photographed by Fedele Toscani. I'd LOVE to know what they were pointing at...  Source: Toscani Archive.

Florence, Photograph by Fedele Toscani. I’d LOVE to know what they were pointing at… Source: Toscani Archive. via - Vintage Black Glamour

Diahann Carroll-Born 6.17.1935 A breast cancer survivor - attended Music & Art High School, along with schoolmate Billy Dee Williams. In many interviews about her childhood, Diahann Carroll recalls her parents' support of her & that they enrolled her in dance, singing & modeling classes. By the time Diahann Carroll was 15, she was modeling for Ebony magazine. She stood 6ft & had a lean build. After graduating from high school, Diahann Carroll attended New York University, majored in…

The beautiful Diahann Carroll. American television's first African American mega star with her own top rated show.

Vintage Black Glamour, book. Collection of historical images of amazing people captured in time.

vintageblackglamour: “superheroesincolor: “ Vintage Black Glamour by Nichelle Gainer “Using rarely accessed photographic archives and private collections, inspired by her family history,.

Dance legend Carmen de Lavallade. Seen here in the October 1964 issue of Harper’s Bazaar in a beaded necklace by Coppola e Toppa.

Carmen de Lavallade, dance legend and Vintage Black Glamour favorite (that’s her in the VBG avatar) turns 82 years old today! de Lavallade is still going strong today: she is still dancing and.

Dame Shirley Bassey | 19 Vintage Photos That Celebrate Black Women's Beauty

Dame Shirley Bassey in a 1960 photo where she is being fitted for a new sheath dress, covered with diamante stones (weighing in at 28 pounds), by designer Douglas Darnell. Photo by Peter Hall/Keystone Features/Getty Images.

<b>That's almost one for each day in Black History Month!</b>

Vintage Black Glamour and Vintage Black Glamour: Gentleman’s Quarters are now available individually and as a fabulous box set from Rocket 88 Books. The Vintage Black Glamour documentary is.

Ketty Lester

Singer and actress Ketty Lester in a 1962 studio portrait. Lester, born Revoyda Frierson in Hope, Arkansas, became better known in later years as an actress, especially for her role as Hester Sue on “Little House on the Prarie.” In her hit.

Jet magazine vintage black pinup models

15 Unsung Vintage Black Pinup Models

Diahann Carroll - one of my all time faves!!

Born July 1935 as Carol Diahann Johnson in Bronx NY Stylish & Savvy Sistah Diahann Carroll looks fabulous in white in these vintage photos. She is such a sophisticated & classy lady. Diahann is truly .

The Lola in Barry Manilow's 'Copacabana' was Lola Falana. Interesting.    Found on Vintage Black Glamour.

Vintage : Lola Falana vintageblackglamour: “ Yes, it’s true. Lola Falana really is the “Lola” in Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana.

Lena Horne, photographed as she sang by Philippe Halsmann in 1954.

New Book Filled With Rare Black Hollywood Photos Is A Must-Have

vintageblackglamour: “Lena Horne, photographed as she sang by Philippe Halsmann in Ms. Horne was never a big fan of her own singing voice. In she told Newsweek magazine that she was still.

Coretta Scott King and her daughter, Yolanda, photographed by Moneta Sleet for EBONY in 1958. Moneta Sleet was the Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer who took the famous shot of Mrs. King with her daughter Bernice at Dr. King’s funeral in 1968.

Coretta Scott King, Baby Daughter Yolanda King, 1958