in a corner booth, in the Wooden town, drinkin coffee & sierraLeone mist - holding hands the wrong way

Hooked on cheap sex , cheap bottles of booze and really cheap flowers.Look at those dish pan hands !

POP / BOOM / CRASH! Some great sound effects lettering from vintage comics.

Retro style onomatopoeia in pop-art form, use of this theme is abundant in old comic books. Although childish, the "sound-words' create a playful image and a way to visualise the sound in an otherwise silent environment.


novemberfeminism. (Niotillfem)

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This word is high on our list Repost via ---------------------------------------- BOOM Vintage comic book sounds

archie-edits:  “The Bridesmaid"  from Secret Romance #15 (1971) by Charlton Comics

"gay stuff"

Comic cartoon girl crush - vintage lesbian love: "She's too lovely to marry jack. She should marry me instead.

...the uncomfortable moment when you realize that your wife is becoming irritated with you wearing her lingerie!

Jillian Yello had a rare disorder and cold not control the volume of her voice . She was happily full from eating the delicious chicken soup the waiter brought her but made everyone around her nervous.

hahahah this was me bawling in rehab. over a mcdouble bc there was noo way I could fathom eating chicken salad.

An entry from pretty begonia

cheeseburger and french fries. I feel this way at least once a month. T shirt available at PUBLIC BUTTER on Queen st East Toronto

don't panic. Whatever you do lol

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Another Round, Episode 25: Stop Telling Women To Smile

Another Round, Episode 25: Stop Telling Women To Smile

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