I use both "no Problem" and "you're welcome", the former when I am thanked for doing something that I generally see as being expected of me in the first place. the latter, for something that I feel was not expected of me. <--As a new grocery store cashier, I agree with this.

As a cashier myself, this is so true. I say no problem all the time, and no one else has a problem. You sound just as nice when you say "no problem" vs. "youre welcome" ; Agreed, I say "No problem" to people all the time.

You're Welcome! ((<<ahem.. thanks... *blushes wildly*))

46 Gifs Of Tom Hiddleston Making Out. You're Welcome!

My Big Fat Greek Salad Recipe... You're Welcome. | http://ASpicyPerspective.com

My Big Fat Greek Salad

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Other Ways to Say 'I think', 'Because', 'You're welcome', 'Yes'.

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Make-up tips via Buzzfeed

35 Tips And Tricks Makeup Artists Won't Tell You

Make-up tips via Buzzfeed

This thick, creamy ice cream is filled with caramel, apples, and plenty of cinnamon! Plus, you don't need an ice cream maker for it! You're welcome. | www.alattefood.com

{No Churn} Caramel Apple Ice Cream: This thick, creamy ice cream is filled with caramel, apples, and plenty of cinnamon! Plus, you don’t need an ice cream maker for it! You’re welcome.

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most sweetest scene

most sweetest scene

David Tennant butt pose... you're welcome

Jonathan Ross (BBC One) sent Kate this picture of David Tennant backstage before the Doctor Who panel.