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Alice Reference [By: Rini-tan] -Oo I love how she has a good side and a dark side. I like the black Alice the best.

[CLOSED] Semi-chibi adopt 17 and 18 by on @deviantART

Please reply to the highest bidder thank you. I'll put the autobuy option 12 hrs after uploaded Kemonomimis Marine bitch &n. [CLOSED] Semi-chibi adopt 17 and 18

[ CLOSED ] Semi-chibi adopt 15 and 16 by on @deviantART

AB UPDATED I'll put the autobuy 12 hours after uploaded I also draw him last nov but had an artblock for more than a month, I just reopened him yesterday and finished//OTL 

[ CLOSED ] Semi-chibi adopt 19 by on @DeviantArt

i like how the colors ended up like it was like steel or sumthing. aheeeee anyway this is for raeinni. Sorry for the long wait bby and I hope you like it QAQ .

Memory Of Thanatos - Ragnarok by on @deviantART

Here is my part on the art-trade with the beloved This is Neptune, one of her amazing characters that takes part on the Celestial Ring universe.

Can I just be Elesis already!

Anime picture with elsword elesis (elsword) ress long hair single tall image looking at viewer red eyes bare shoulders fringe yellow eyes red hair standing holding official art transparent background standing on one leg expressionless girl dress