Braun TP1

oyeahdesign: “ TP 1 Radio/Phono Combination Design: Dieter Rams for Braun, 1959 ”

Braun. Designer; Dieter Rams

braun lectron hobby set radio receiver, designed by Dieter Rams and Jurgen Greubel in 1969

Braun-TP-1 by alphanumeric., via Flickr

Dieter Rams' ten principles for good design - TP 1 radio/phono combination, by Dieter Rams for Braun


With straight lines and a unique simplicity, this toaster mark the difference through the feedback transmitted to the user - by a LED's loading.

Braun record player

BRAUN SK 5 Phonosuper Turntable "Schneewitchensarg", designed by Dieter Rams, 1958

Braun Mach 2

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