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The perfect player! Wireless connection so they can connect to one another and your phone! Makes a home theater easier than you ever thought possible!

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I've never had to use a fire extinguisher (knock on wood), & to be honest, I'm not sure I'd know exactly how to work the thing.

This smart twist on the electric toothbrush ditches the power cord to keep your limited bathroom real estate clean and clear of any cumbersome cables! Unlike the wired dock of many existing electric models, this features one that you plug directly into the outlet. It’s designed to support the brush unit and keep it upright, elevated, and out of the way.

Notice anything different about this toothbrush setup? This smart twist on the electric toothbrush

Check this out on leManoosh.com: #Air purifier #Cable Management #Minimalist #Seamless #Speckled #Tube #Vent

Check this out on leManoosh.com: #Air purifier #Cable Management #Minimalist #Seamless #Speckled #Tube #Vent


Sensis is specialized into innovative wine storage solutions. Take a look inside our design team inspiration.


AVEX, a leading reusable water bottle brand for outdoor adventurers, has introduced the Freeflow Autoseal Stainless Water Bottle, capable of holding liquids up to 10 hours hot and 29 hours cold. The steel water bottle features Avex´s revolutionary Au

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iRemember is an intelligent pill cap that fits most standard Rx bottles dispensed at major US pharmacies and gives proactive reminders and notifications. Looks like it's available to pre-order at this point

modern glass water bottle

Therapy's Modern Water Bottles - With its portable design that are truly eco-friendly. It will deliver and give you satisfaction on pure water taste without the taste of plastic or metals. It's unbelievably made of pure glass!