Chris Kabel | Pin Light

:: Chris Kabel ::Pin Light 2006 The pins light up when stuck into the pin- cushion. An idea to get light up pins for the thread to be apart of the big reveal that was discussed

Three Legged | Wendell Castle

Gordon points out that Castle's work from this era presaged the amorphous "blob" design of architects, designers, and artists of today who work with computer-generated forms. Above, the Three-Legged Floor Lamp from after a color restoration in

Bang Boom | Ingo Maurer

You may seek perpetual motion; we're more fascinated by the (made up) principles of perpetual explosion exhibited by the BANG BOOM* Comic Book Lamp.

Birdcage | Gregoire De Lafforest

This is the Archibird Cage Table built by French designer Grégoire de Lafforest. It's a table with a bird cage below and little glass viewing bells that the birds can fly up into. Admittedly, it looks pretty nice.

Maarten | Victor Carrasco | Viccarbe

Swivel chair Maarten design by Victor Carrasco for Viccarbe with structure in gauged lacquered steel tube in thermoreinforced polyester epoxy.

Jiyoun Kim Studio

Jiyoun Kim Studio

Mayday | Antonio Lupi

MAYDAY, the new built-in wall mixer tap by antoniolupi

Réaction Poétique | Jaime Hayon | Cassina

The Réaction Poétoque 081 07 Side Table is designed by Jaime Hayon and inspired by Le Corbusier’s paintings and sculptures.

Torei 381 | Luca Nichetto | Cassina

Torei 381 | Luca Nichetto | Cassina

Michael Anastassiades

Here are five new minimalist luminaires that make the difference in and that will give your interior an avant-garde effect for sure.

Simbiosi | Davide Groppi

Simbiosi | Davide Groppi