end...Link beauty salon by Yasunari Tsukada

Image 11 of 16 from gallery of end…Link Beauty Salon / Yasunari Tsukada Design. Photograph by Stirling Elmendorf

Táňa Kmenta Hair Studio by Studio Muon

Táňa Kmenta Hair Studio by Studio Muon is an industrial interpretation of a hair salon. The space incorporates concrete and what looks like .

GreeM hair salon with artifical light and shadow by Takara Space Design

White and black painted patches create artificial shafts of light and shadows on the walls of this salon in Japan by Tokyo studio Takara Space Design.

Onico Hair and Nail by Ryo Isobe

Onico Hair and Nail beauty salon with indoor trees by Ryo Isobe

Hair salon with an exposed ceiling and twisting lights by Sides Core

the ‘vine hair salon’ by japanese studio sides core is based on the concept of a vine that gradually takes shape throughout the space.