La Muffineria by Alessandro Suraci, via Behance #webdesign #branding #inspiration #muffin

La Muffineria is a new cafeteria - wine bar in Rome, Italy.It features more than 30 hand made muffins types, both sweet and salted. The website, bookmark and businesscard were designed for its launch in November A whole set of food icons has been d…

Mobile UI Design Inspiration

UI and UX design plays a huge role in whether people adopt your mobile apps. Here, we roundup 7 mobile UI design inspiration part 20 are compiled to give

Yummly Mobile

With so many recipes app proliferating the net, I still find Yummly a real visual treat. Yummly Mobile by Douglas Hughmanick, via Behance


Love the cal view and the half-circle button at the bottom to pull up the main menu

Gramby Giftshop - Mobile App

Gramby Giftshop - Mobile App - check out register screen and idea for sending a gift to a recipient within yellow


ShopIt iOS App

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Prevent Mobile Activity Tracker


BoughtStuff "My Assets" screens

BoughtStuff "My Assets" screens by Vlad Shagov for Railsware