Hello everyone! Feel invited to join us for our first live event this Sunday at MOMA Warsaw.

" Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw 'WORK / SHOP' ThisisPaper in Partnership with Cloudmine Pop Up Shop", - Poster Graphic and Design Unknown.

****I love this illustrations and the mixture of pattern and colors.

Cool design and art direction by In The Pool

Poster series for The Wanderlust by Swiss designer Felix Pfäffli, 2014

designed by Felix Pfäffli; having some parts of the numbers showing and some parts behind the white pattern creates spatial depth. The designer was careful in choosing which parts to hide so that the viewer can still make out what the numbers are.

City Fashion Makers / Carla Almeida

Materials for Porto Fashion Makers.Porto Fashion Makers is the city experienceof City Fashion Makers - a studio of fashioncommunication and trend analysis based in Porto.