een "Parijs boek" van m'n favoriete uitgever, Taschen

Paris Mon Amour

Jeanloup Sieff, Café de Flore, Paris, 1975 I like how you are looking out of the place instead of at or into it.

New York, Portrait of a City

Published by TASCHEN Books: London. Portrait of a City - Los Angeles. Portrait of a City - New York. Portrait of a City - Paris. Portrait of a City - .

Hopper. TASCHEN Books (Basic Art Series)

Published by TASCHEN Books: 100 Contemporary Brick Buildings - 100 Contemporary Fashion Designers - 100 Contemporary Artists A-Z - 100 Contemporary .

Jean Nouvel - Philip Jodidio (TASCHEN)

Why French Architect Jean Nouvel boycotted opening of his Paris Concert Hall

Love this book-look out London here we come!

TASCHEN's London: Hotels, Restaurants and Shops: Angelika Taschen, Christine Samuelian, David Crookes

Jeff Koons. TASCHEN Books (Jumbo)

Kinky, kitsch, conceptual: Jeff Koons’s art is anything but conformist. With hundreds of images and detailed analyses, this exhaustive monograph is .

Architecture Now! Houses. Vol. 1. TASCHEN Books (TASCHEN 25 Edition)

With this stunning compendium of domestic architecture, open the door to some of the most innovative, unusual, and simply beautiful houses around the .

Pop Art. TASCHEN Verlag (T25)

Published by TASCHEN Books: 100 Contemporary Artists A-Z - Abstract Art - Abstract Expressionism - Ai Weiwei - Ai Weiwei

The New York Times. 36 Hours. Latin America & The Caribbean. TASCHEN Books

NYT. 36 Hours. Latin America & The Caribbean

The New York Times. 36 Hours: Latin America & the Caribbean : Barbara Ireland : 9783836544252

A friend of mine gave me this a long time ago and I still thumb thru it

The Polaroid Book: Selections from the Polaroid Collections of Photography (Taschen's Anniversary Special Editions) (German Edition) by Barbara Hitchcock

Warhol. TASCHEN Books (Basic Art Series), £5.99 #johnrochastore #johnrocha #books #art #AndyWarhol

Andy Warhol, Commerce Into Art (Basic Art), Klaus Honnef, Taschen;