Special hanbok (Korean traditional outfit) for the celebration around a baby's first birthday. So. Cute.

dress up Korean traditional clothing(hanbok) for kids. Korean dress for girl, Korean clothes for boy.

Hanbok, Korean traditional costume. Vogue

Hanboks of Vogue Korea -- Looks cumbersome but beautiful. Three soft colors work well - wonder how it would look hot pink, bright blue, deep yellow? Probably not as nice.

오목누비저고리를 비롯해 김해자 장인이 만든 각종 누비 한복들. korean quilted clothes,

오목누비저고리를 비롯해 김해자 장인이 만든 각종 누비 한복들. korean quilted clothes,

This is called a "Hanbok" and it's a traditional dress worn by women in the older days but now it's only worn for special holidays! It's gorgeous. <3

On this next trip to Korea, Dan & I have decided we want to get a traditional Korean Hanbok made for me. The Hanbok is gorgeous – it is the traditional Korean dress for women the way the Kimono is […]


super clean and minimal hanbok- inspiration for modern korean wedding dress- mostly for the lines and feel of the dress- not necessarily the color.

Hanbok, the traditional Korean national costume, has its roots dated way back in the Joseon Dynasty. It mainly represents one of the most important aspects of Korean culture. It is composed of a bolero style blouse (jeogori), long skirt (chima) and.