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Researchers in South Korea have found that used coffee grounds are great at absorbing carbon. Great news for coffee drinkers!

Researchers turn coffee grounds into a cheap carbon sponge in just one day

Researchers in South Korea have figured out a way to turn old coffee grounds into an ultra-absorbent material that can capture methane and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

Six graphs that show how we're changing the world's climate.
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IPCC report: six graphs that show how we're changing the world's climate

We look at the data that underpins the forthcoming IPCC climate science report detailing humanity’s influence on the climate, global impacts and solutions

This moving series of portraits captures scientists' reactions as they contemplate climate change on a personal level.

Eerie Photos Capture Scientists' Frightened Responses To Climate Change Discussions

We've read the daunting headlines. We've seen the bleak predictions. We know in our minds that climate change is putting our Earth's future in danger. An...

Four scenarios show what climate change will do to the earth, from pretty bad to disaster.

4 Scenarios Show What Climate Change Will Do To The Earth, From Pretty Bad To Disaster

Climate change is going to do a lot of damage. How bad that damage will be is still under debate.

Watch drought take over the entire state of California in one GIF. Scary!

Watch the drought take over the entire state of California in one GIF

It started off bad, then it got worse. And then it got much, much worse.

Protect your loved ones. Fight climate change.
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eCards From Moms Clean Air Force

Protect your loved ones. Fight climate change.

Climate change is no fairy tale, Ted.

Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau for June 22, 2014 |

Man: Why is he frowning? That can't be good. Doc, did you see that new climate change report? What a fairy tale! The collectivists will say anything to harm our energy industry! Doctor: Uh-huh... Man: Why the frown? Bad news? Doctor: Afraid so, Ted. You have a fatal disease. Man: What? Doctor: The good news is it's treatable with medicine that 99 out of 100 doctors recommend. Man: What would the 100th doctor recommend? Doctor: He'd advise you to wait and see. Man: Think I could get an…

Powerful words to remind us who we are leaving the environment to.
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Why doesn't anyone know how to talk about global warming? A look at the past efforts to bring the dangers of climate change to light.
Climate Change ReportOil IndustryDenial

Why Doesn't Anyone Know How to Talk About Global Warming?

The gap between science and public understanding prevents action on climate change—but social scientists think they can fix that

Five places already feeling the effects of climate change...yikes.


Five places already feeling the effects of climate change...yikes.

Take a look at these lovely, illustrated haikus about climate change by Gregory C. Johnson.

The Entire IPCC Report in 19 Illustrated Haiku

A work of art that doubles as powerful talking points and a visual guide.

A different way to fight climate change: Norwegian troops will switch to vegetarian meals every Monday, to cut their consumption of "ecologically unfriendly foods."

Guess How One Nation's Army is Fighting Climate Change

By Kristina ChewHere’s the Norwegian army’s plan to fight climate change: have everybody go meatless once a week.Norwegian troops will be eating vegetarian meals on Mondays to cut their consumption of ecologically unfriendly foods whose production contributes heavily to global warming. Spokesman Eys...

Greenpeace makes clever use of coal power stations as backdrops for projected billboards while negotiators discuss climate change in Warsaw.
Importance Of RespectClimate AdaptationSave Mother EarthEnvironmental Justice

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Bill Nye the Science Guy always knows what he's talking about.

Bill Nye the Science Guy always knows what he's talking about.

Another terrifying effect of climate change: just look at these giant hornets that are killing people and eating bees in China!
Scary BugsCreepyVespaPoisonous Animals

A plague of hornets in China is killing people and eating bees

Thanks to climate change, massive numbers of thumb-sized hornets have been rolling through Shaanxi Province, and they could be coming to your area next.

An abridged version of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's newest report, for when you're short on time, but definitely still care about climate change.

What the IPCC found: The big news from the new climate assessment

You could read the 36-page summary of the IPCC's new climate report. Or you could just read this, which is much shorter and tastier.