Living (Corriere della sera) giugno 2015 - Styling Alessandra Salaris, Foto Beppe Brancato

Interni con un mood cubista: mixano metalli industriali, colori caraibici e schermi hi-tech che filtrano la luce /// Cubist mood interiors: industrial materials, caraibic colors and hi-tech screens filtering the light

Solidity of four different types of marble at the shop window, cashier and flooring areas matching with softness of grayish purple curtain in velvet as a background, have created a balance between masculine and feminine in the space.

ARTIFACTS store by MW Design, Taichung Taiwan fashion, interesting detail but too much with the colours of the marble.

L'altra moquette

Discover the most powerful interior design projects with limited edition furniture in the world. Palais FG – Austria, by Denis Košutić Vienna-based architect and designer Denis Košutić views interior architecture as a subject of consumption,…

ReStore: reuse, rebrand, rejuvenate. That’s the concept behind the new 240-sq-m Levi’s store in Amsterdam, a retail space meant to reflect the city itself.

Levi's Amsterdam

Alexander Wang new Shanghai studio - lovingggg the materials combo + metal/marble details

Alexander Wang new Shanghai studio - lovingggg the materials combo + metal/marble details


The Inner Workings: Case Meallin Offices by Mim Design

Dion Lee Site Emporium Melbourne by Akin Creative (headed by Kelvin Ho). Akin Creative Website Emporium Melbourne: More info HERE

#14oraitaliana || image by #TERZOPIANO

by TERZOPIANO, realized image for the project "Black and White" and "Ruggine" by Geometrical set to exalt these tiles.

House of Dagmar, Stockholm by Guise |

House of Dagmar Retail Interior in Stockholm by Guise

Guise have designed a new retail space for a young fashion brand House of Dagmar, housed within the amazing Stockholm department store Nordiska Kompaniet.