Quantum Mechanics

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Watch: What is Quantum Tunneling?

Explaining this quantum mechanical phenomenon in under a minute.

And it looks like a multi-dimensional palace of light.

Physicists have characterized a multi-dimensional polyhedron — called the amplituhedron — that could provide a quantum theory of gravity.

The “Quantum Internet” Is Just a Decade Away. Here’s What You Need to Know.

As China moves closer to building a working quantum communications network, the possibility of a quantum internet becomes more and more real.

Watch: Why Can’t You Use Quantum Mechanics To Communicate Faster Than Light?

Einstein's relativity tells us it would be a disaster if we could.

Physicists Have Made Exotic Quantum States From Light

Physicist have learned how to use light to create flowing quantum states, which puts us one step closer to living in a world with quantum computers.

Quantum Weirdness Has Been Tested Beyond The Particle Scale For The First Time

A minor tweak to a definitive experiment in quantum physics brings significant results.

Watch: Quantum Cryptography Explained

With recent high-profile security decryption cases, encryption is more important than ever.

Researchers Just Achieved One of the Major Requirements for Quantum Computing

Ultracold molecules could be the vehicles through which the qubits needed for quantum computers are created.

Scientists Find Evidence of a Particle That is Its Own Antiparticle

These findings are depending our understanding quasiparticle research that began over 80 years ago.

Google’s New Algorithm Wants to Help Researchers Stabilize Nuclear Fusion Reactions

Google is working with nuclear fusion company Tri-Alpha Energy on a new algorithm that could speed up research.

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China Set to Launch the World’s First Quantum Communication Network

This marks a world milestone in the development of quantum technology, and identifies China as one of the world leaders in the field.

The Race to Prove “Quantum Supremacy” May Be Won in the Next Year

The quantum computing revolution is fast approaching.

Surprise Find Flips a Decade of Research Into an Exotic Quantum Particle

The findings of this study have wide reaching implications. They will help scientists understand why normal materials have a diverse range of properties that could not have arisen if their quantum behaviour was the same. And understanding the three-body Efimov system puts scientists in the 'sweet spot' of where universal material behaviour disappears.

Physicists May Have Discovered One of the Missing Pieces of Quantum Theory

If the theory works, it could potentially lead to a generalized standard quantum theory.

How to Teleport Schrödinger’s Cat

Teleportation isn't just science fiction.

Two Students Just Broke a Quantum Computing World Record

They successfully completed an unprecedented quantum simulation.