The difference is Gaggenau.

Since 1683, Gaggenau has created exceptional products and objects of desire that are beautifully designed, engineered and built. After 333 years, these differences are simply summed up as being “Gaggenau”.
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The Vario cooktops 400 series brings professional cooking to the private home. Designed by GAGGENAU Germany’s leading manufacturer of high-end home.

Beautifully designed, expertly crafted, well engineered and from the Black Forest. The combi-steam oven, oven and warming drawer 400 series.

The unveiling of Gaggenau's future icon: the EB This 90 cm-wide oven is named in tribute of Gaggenau's anniversary - shown for the first time at EuroCucina

In Gaggenau launched "Der Grillmobil". This design was extraordinary for its time and allowed the chef to griddle, pan cook or sear, even directly onto the heating elements. Today, it has achieved cult status and is a collector's item.

The Gaggenau brand logo in original blue illuminated lettering towers 15 metres long and two metres high atop the factory building in Lipsheim/Alsace – the competence centre for combi-steam ovens.

It's 333 years since Gaggenau’s first Black Forest forge roared into life. In Gaggenau is celebrating its rich heritage and natural evolution across the globe.

Amsterdam flagship showroom: The Gaggenau heritage wall is made of wood taken from a lodge in the Black Forest, the birthplace of Gaggenau. A fitting showcase for over three centuries of extraordinary history.

With experience in enamel production dating back to Gaggenau built a special expertise. A closely guarded trade secret, the typical blue Gaggenau enamel is a recognised brand and quality mark.

In Margrave Ludwig Wilhelm von Baden founds an ironworks in the town of Gaggenau.

The expertise gained from decades creating enamel signs is essential in the production of the iconic blue Gaggenau enamelled ovens. Even today, the recipe for Gaggenau enamel is still a closely guarded secret.

From under new owner Dr Otto von Blanquet, Gaggenau continues evolving coal and gas ovens. It also produces its first electric stove, making cooking safer and more convenient.

In the early years of the century, the company takes on a pioneering role with a range of innovative products, including bicycles, coal and gas-fired stoves. By Gaggenau has sold a total of “Badenia” bicycles.

"The baking stone with its maximum temperature of 300°C was the reason why my father, a traditional baker, chose this 90cm wide oven." Sören Strayle, Designer

"It's two, maximum three, people who put together all the components to assemble the oven. It takes almost one and a half hours and we do only six to eight pieces a day." Jörg Neuner, Head of the Brand Centre

Janina Fey, one of the designers of the new EB 333 discusses the origins of the 90 cm wide oven: how it came to be, way back in the 80’s and why it is so distinctly ‘Gaggenau’. For Janina, it’s the extraordinary width of the 90 cm door made from a single sheet of 3 mm stainless steel, as well as its trademark “tummy”, that makes the EB 333 such an iconic design. Follow the link in our bio to see the icon reborn.

"The EB333 stands for consistency in a world that is very fast moving." Sven Baacke, Head of Design