Type & typography including beautiful fonts and how they are used in branding and website projects
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the words be kind of calm and safe are painted in different colors
the upper and lower letters are black with white lettering, which has been drawn in different ways
BOTCH - the bubbly, organic letter form typeface designed by hvnter is available at secret-cache! ✒️🖋️ See bio for more information. #itsnicethat #designfeed #mockupworld #mockup #streetwear #graphicinspired #selectedwork
the typeface is designed to look like it has been handwritten in black and white
Eros Typeface Condensed
Eros Typeface Family. Eros is a display typeface featuring 6 styles : standard and condensed each with 3 weights - light, regular, bold. The very special features of Eros are its ligatures. We drew 30 pairs of uppercase ligatures and 30 pairs of lowercases ligatures to ensure the most beautiful sequences of words possible.
the coca cola logo is shown in red
Lettering Series XLVIII
Behance :: For You
some type of font with flowers on the front and bottom corner, which reads gruesome
some type of calligraphy that is in different font styles and colors, with the letters below it
VJ Type Typefaces
Voyage typeface
three different types of stickers with the words super curious and hand drawn font
Super Curious! A Modern Vintage Font - The Suppply Co
Super Curious! A Modern Vintage Font, #Display #Fonts
a poster with the words bappie font in all the right ways on it
Baddie! Reverse Contrast! Handmade! - The Suppply Co
Baddie! Reverse Contrast! Handmade!, #Display #Fonts