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mundophone: LG       See how the LG V30 compares to a professi...

mundophone: LG See how the LG compares to a professi.

Face scan time clocks are the most tech savvy and futuristic devices in the world and are a must for all workplaces. In the near future, these devices will become a common method to clock in and out employees and hence it is better to get them installed at your workplace soon. To find out more, go through the following given article.

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Biometric face recognition systems…

Technology advances at an incredible rate and soon it may give us these 25 Futuristic Technologies You May Live To See

China builds world’s most powerful facial recognition system

China is reportedly building the world's most powerful facial recognition system which aims to identify any one of its billion citizens within three seconds.

David-Link Facial Recognition Access Control System with Built-In Intercom

PN / *Biometric Facial Recognition Reader for Time & Attendance (Model David-Link, again, delivers advanced security within reasonable bu