Flights App Home & Boarding pass by Sara Miguel del Amo #Design Popular #Dribbble #shots

Flights App, Home & Boarding pass

Weather Timeline - Forecast- 스크린샷

Requirements: Overview: Weather Timeline is a simple weather app that focuses on summarising the next hour, the next 48 hours and the next week so you don't have to.

Boarding Pass Design Inspiration — Muzli -Design Inspiration — Medium

Boarding Pass Design Inspiration

Nice and simple POI design.

Maps that would be great for the business guy who hates being late and must know exactly how far the convention is from his hotel

Find Doctor Mobile App by grace saraswati #ui app ux mobile design inspiration

Find Doctor Mobile App

Find Doctor Mobile App by grace saraswati lovely apps . can you provide source code

I explored mapbox to make these and used real data from NYC open data, so the maps are accurate. That give me a idea to have a collection of maps that could display all the maps in one place. Also...

Daily UI Day 29 Map

UI Interactions of the week #58

via Muzli design inspiration. “UI Interactions of the week is published by Muzli in Muzli -Design Inspiration

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Worked on some cloud card designs for zeta in the beginning phase :). Had fun working over this. Please avoid the animation mistakes :( Still in learning phase lol


Hi guys ✌️ This is an app that I'm working on lately. It helps people to find nearby attractions across Polish cities.