Penso que por vezes a simplicidade ganha contra ilustrações mais elaboradas. A…

One line - Animal logos on Behance by Differantly Studios. They have a set of one line sea creatures as well. I especially like the animals with implied motion.

Madame Quoi

Madame Quoi

Madame Quoi / Branding and packaging for a gourmet bakery inspired by the dramatic french story of Henriette Callioux set in the year 1914 / by Cynthia Fernández, Sofia Villarreal

Geomas - Josip Kelava "Ever listened to a piece of music and got inspired? It felt futuristic, bold, calculated and systematic. And thus, Geomas was created."

A futurisitc font and typeface design by graphic designer Josip Kelava. A futuristic, bold, calculated and systematic designed font.

VAUNCE Trampoline Park is a brand new play and cultural space in a city. It…

10 Exceptional artists, 10 Works, amazing passion, beauty and craft! All of this topped by the fact that it happens every Monday!