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Tectus TE 340 This modern door hinge is easily adjustable in 3 dimensions, maintenance free, UL Listed for 20 minutes and can accommodate up to Great for interior and or exterior applications

Leica T

My bottle finish is miles away from this Leica, but hopefully you can capture a close-up shot that shows the texture difference: inside grip is matte and exterior is gloss.

photography by sang-sik pang / / Series by Dae-hoo Kim, via Behance

The Nano Series is a countertop water purifier that dispenses clean drinking water by removing of particles, rust residue, heavy metals, chlorine, and other pollutants from tap water. Equipped with nano-trap filters and an instantaneous water heati…

paravent zipper

Buzzizone by Tecnospace


Beautiful stitiching (what about using a rope two stitch together two slabs of wood. then resin over.