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Eileen the Crow art Bloodborne

daily sketch before bed its been a while since i made a digital painting , been on the road lately for work related stuff hope you like it a hoonter must hoont

Dark Warlord

Tazad, one of the nine Lords of the Undying, is a warlord of the Black Sands of Aracin. His might on the battlefield is feared by all.

Creighton the Wanderer, a character from Dark Souls 2. It's one of my favorite looking armors in the game.

I really like Creighton from dark sous 2 as his equipment is extremely worn showing he has defiantly seen a lot of combat, indirectly proving he has had a lot of experience.

Ashen One, commission work

m Fighter Plate Shield Helm Sword battle urban farmland hills mountains forest Ashen One, commission work

남자포즈01 : 네이버 카페

'Kinda like the modern take on the ninja. add A lil Tactical in and there and POOF! Haul The Execute-Ninja executioner Hero Col con