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Be him, there best friends) I smile and hug him. He was the bad boy and I was the smart girl who was on the cheerleading team. I really liked him, I blush lightly as he holds me. ((Credit to Marie The Blonde Panda

Undertale by wearepopcandies

i finally finished undertale,and now i can’t stop drawing it on my sketchbook :v, so i had to do a better picture ---EDIT---- so unfortunately this image was stolen and sold at redbubble, .

hair drawing

drawing reference on how to draw female hair; how to draw natural looking hairstyles // hair drawing loads of new ideas come to mind looking at this

the afterlife

playing a trick on him to get the info from his hands, and she feels epic cause she finally acted confidently, and thought she would never do something like that XD

UNDERTALE by MasterCheefs on DeviantArt

Undertale is such a cute, retro-y game! If you don't choose the genocide route.<Even without genocide route it can get pretty dark and gruesome.