More ideas from KC
good listening poster for the wall

Clutter-Free Classroom: Listening Look - classroom management series Another one from CFC.take a photo and make an anchor chart of kiddos doing the "listening look." Whenever they start to get off task, they have a picture of themselves as a reference.

Tattling vs. Reporting Poster

This Tattling vs. Reporting Poster would not be a bad thing to have in your classroom, so situations like this happen to your students they'll have an idea of how to handle it before coming to you.

A daily comprehensive checklist idea

Wills Kindergarten: Classroom Behavior. would be great for a student that needs an individual plan Not as many different areas. Don't want to set the student too apart from the students.

Self-accountability.  A great idea!

This is pretty student-centered and I think it is a good idea to take the student's thoughts into consideration when there are issues, like Caleb from Tough Young Teachers. Self-evaluation worksheet to help monitor and have classroom management.