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I'm just a woman who loves books more than almost anything else in the world. I am a recent Classics major graduate, my other passion. I post book art,.

Could create similar effect with slim PVC spray-painted black and Volta bulbs from Color Cord Company

ATELIER ARETI, SQUARES: 20 squares and spherical bulbs lit by LEDs. this is such a cool sculptural object/lighting piece. This would be perfect for a photo booth backdrop if the lights were smaller and there were more of them.

angle-view-backlit-dimensional-letter-sign-the-monogram-shop.jpg (303×306)

Love the colors angle-view-backlit-dimensional-letter-sign-the-monogram-shop.

40 Wonderful Interactive Art Ideas

40 Wonderful Interactive Art Ideas


The now closed "Barbie Shanghai Store" / Slade Architecture - Neon Pink Escalator

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“robotswithrayguns got me thinking about old mall aesthetic now fuck here's a moodboard people can refer to when thinking of art for me lol”