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榎俊幸(Enoki Toshiyuki)

Contemporary Artist: Enoki Toshiyuki I was recently searching the internet for images on the theme of Mermaids, Nereids, and/or Sea Nymphs for some ideas relating to a painting I am currently plotting.

Designed this lantern for Craig, we used the "Year of the Horse" calligraphy for his daughter on the lantern

I dig idea of a lantern and the use of "The Year of the Horse" (which was in honor of the guys daughter). Not super keen on the execution tho. To me I'd want it as part of a larger design and not the main focus of the tattoo.

#민화  #문배도 #해태 #folk  #handpainting

#민화 #문배도 #해태 #folk #handpainting