Alphabet City - TVS by ranganath krishnamani, via Behance

Digital typography illustrations / Alphabet City - TVS by ranganath krishnamani, via Behance

Et voilà, Paris, in all its glory. This graphical poster is decorated with famous Parisien icons and treasures of the highest order.

I really like this cute illustration style and color scheme and how it shows famous Parisien icons vertically but smoothly.


The colours and shapes in these vectors are simple yet effective, as they create interesting textures and patterns on the buildings, as well as giving them depth. As a result they become more realistic and true to the style of these ancient palaces.

'Kandinsky Type' by Tano Veron via Behance

'Kandinsky Type' by Tano Veron via Behance --- Recordando el 148 aniversario del nacimiento de Wassili Kandinsky de diciembre --- Remembering the 148 birthday of Wassili Kandinsky (december

Lorena G. a ré-interprété l’univers du Grand Budapest Hotel de Wes Anderson en flat design. Avec ces couleurs de chamalow, ça donne envie de se goinfrer de ce graphisme. Les illustrations ont été déclinées sur différents supports, disponible sur Society6. Tweet

Flat illustrations as a tribute to Wes Anderson's "The Grand Budapest Hotel". Lorena G is a Barcelona based art director, illustrator, and graphic designer