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Beautiful embroidered field, the time, patience and steady hand it takes to do this amazes me!


Paints, canvas and silk. Live pictures of Angela Yuklyanchuk - Fair Masters - handmade, handmade

MATIN LUMINEUX: Angela Yuklyanchuk

Fantastic Ribbon Embroidery Techniques with picture tutorials by Angela Yuklyanchuk. -- gives me an idea to try this as a ribbon embroidery aquascape.

Авторские работы Анжелы Юклянчук

Free painting, elements of volume embroidery, silk ribbons, c / b, and viscose fibers by Angela Yuklyanchuk

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Vyšívaním stuhou vytvára nádherné obrazy, ktoré by ste nemali prehliadnúť

Awesome Embroidery ribbons - 50 Pics | Curious, Funny Photos / Pictures

Silk Ribbon Embroidered Tulips my favourite flower. A wonderful versatile technique and beautiful piece of artwork.