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My wallet - Card Management. Thanks for watching


My wallet - Card Management. Thanks for watching // Multi funds, investor accounts

Airways IOS App by Murugesh Palani

Airways IOS App

Hey guys, A sample of my ongoing mobile app project for a private US-based travel company dealing with online air ticket booking. Let me know your feedback.

UI Interactions of the week #31 — Muzli -Design Inspiration

Calendar animation that were made during work on one great calendar project for iOS.

Started to design a tumblr theme around the idea of travel. Still rough around the edges, but hoping I can continue to work on it in the coming days.

Journey - Blog Theme

Usually cards are used to group together information in a very intuitive way and permits for a very fast UX, meaning users can easily scan through a lot of


Second visual exploration for my latest mixtape ‘Moments’. This time it ended up as an interesting card concept, more than a classic cover.