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Mirror Projection : Feeds my love of reflected light. Combine this with water somehow and it is a home run. This would be awesome mounted light on ceiling with projection on the wall as a permanent light feature in a house


lafilleblanc: June Ahrens Hiding in Plain Site ”.A site-specific installation, Hiding in Plain Site is a private performance that is physically and creatively challenging, and changes with each new installation, incorporating broken mirrors and rotating

James Nizam's "Trace Heavens” is a series of black and white photographs depicting the transformation of darkened rooms into uncanny light sculptures. Manipulating sunlight via perforated and sliced walls, and with the aid of small mirrors fastened to ball joints for easy pivoting,

Shard of Light, 2011 - “Trace Heavens” is a series of gorgeous light installations by James Nizam. To create these images James painstakingly made incisions into the structure of a house to capture and manipulate sunlight into light sculptures.