Grzegorz Oksiuta

Bus Monitor – Vehicle Interactions by Grzegorz Oksiuta - Dribbble

Lukáš Straňák

Based on observation, people generally hold their phone one-handed, using their thumb as the primary navigation tool. The design of most phones and apps actually emphasizes right-hand thumb usage.

Łukasz Pachytel

Modals with dedicated illustrations for Whym – a seamless instant interpretation app that allows you to bring a real, human interpreter anywhere you go.


Brand strategy and digital design. We& currently working with Apple, Volcom, and Fender.

Nguyen Le

Hey Guys, Day More screens from this. Just noodling around with a template for restaurants and bakeries, this is the journal article page. Compared to the other pages, I really wanted to strip.


A concept app which used by UI designers. Here you can view good design work and articles; it& important that when some ideas suddenly jumped in your brain,you can write it here,this gather your i.

Eric Hoffman

This was some concept work we did with a client to get some visuals concepts going. Goal of the project was to get visual styles and ideas going from a very