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How to Induce Labor at Home. Your pregnancy due date is typically calculated at 40 weeks of pregnancy. If you are beyond 40 weeks, you may be uncomfortable, impatient and excited to get the birthing process started.

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This research-based article describes 5 steps parents can take to raise resilient kids who never give up. Growth mindset infographic by Big Life Journal.

On the weekend having moved into a new apartment and having to get rid of  my old aquaponics set up.  It was time to build a new one. So I decided to  go with something decorative.   What you need      * A large net pot     * A large glass fish bowl or vase     * decorative rocks to hold the plant in place (larger rocks are better,       as they are easy to move when you need to feed the fish)     * Small air pump to keep the tank oxygenated      * Peace Lily     * Small Fish

Green Wall Style Aquaponics Source Ikea Shelf Aquaponics Source Classic IBC Tote Aquaponics Source Here& a short DIY article on building your own IBC Tote aquaponics like this. Classic Wooden Aquaponics with NFT Source Converted Gutters Source