Imagens valem mais do que palavras, que bom eu não consigo ler nada disso aí

猿でもわかる水滴の描き方 / だんちょ さんのイラスト

Sweat painting tutorial for your potentially-lewd paintings.

여자 인체

Female drawing pose reference - how boobs sit

Poses references

Poses references


+Water Tutorial+ by =Enijoi. Learn how to draw water. How to draw waves.

해부학모음09 : 네이버 카페

Hands 2 by on DeviantArt

Step by Step - Cat EYE TUTORIAL by Saviroosje on DeviantArt ^^tbh I'd be happy if I could get to step 6 of this

“캐릭터 뎃셍 순서. OUT(외곽실루엣) 에서 IN(내부 디테일) 으로 묘사해 가기”

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comic content

If Tammy was forced to wear flats it would be something like this.

comic content

comic content - hands and arms

뿔 종류.

how to draw horn

15220145_1621878174775224_9147570775944029360_n.jpg (750×350)

Female woman girl hip back reference image

15번째 이미지

Legs and thigh reference

comic content

comic content

comic content

How to draw sleeves - Clothing drawing reference

Morfe (@TheLonelyMadao) | Twitter

How to draw squatting poses

CfwK3eZUMAAsTO2.jpg:large (900×800)

CfwK3eZUMAAsTO2.jpg:large (900×800)